Monday, February 3, 2014

Quebec City - Our first trip

This trip was too short. 
I could've kept on for a couple more days like that but here we go.
We left on friday late with the train towards QC. La Ros went idle right after having an extensice Snack but the Train was having some open W-Lan and I was browsing the hell out off the internet!
We arrived around 10 and checked into some cozy small B&B right in front of that Wolfe Obelisk.

The next day was clear and beautiful. We got up early and had a classic eggy breakfast in some tourist trap. Then the sight-seeing started and it was just brilliant given the perfectly clear sky and bearable temperatures of just minus 10. We went to the Fortress and had a nice guided tour by a frankophone student named Maude. After that we went for lovely Crepes and went back to the hotel for a quick nap.

Later on we went for dinner in St.Amours and the food was just brilliant. The amount of Fois Gras that I've consumed must've shorten my life by years.
Ros convinced me of visiting the lower part of the city. this lead to us running into some sort of parade and we even drunk a little Carribou which was liquid displeasure in it's purest form. The Caribou aside was this a perfect day though!

We slept like Rocks and woke up and went to eat breakfast (more fois gras omg) in some fancy place Liv was suggesting. There was a friendly Ninja-master too. We then entered into what would be best described as a very inconsistent museum experience, with the French American museum being the possible all time-low off all over-styled and meaningless modern museums ever, and the war-museum the (imho) more interesting part. I kinda liked the diorama they've build and animated with little flashlights and such. Gave me solid 80's vibes really. After that we went back to grab our backs got into the train went home and and and. reminder - never eat at pubs you don't know.

We were in an interesting location, had great food, an cozy hotel and there was a tightly wrapped Ros too. I really enjoyed this first trip to the max. 

I got around to make some photos too! Pease click on the images to enlarge them.

Houses build on the cliff-side.

The booze-fair

Awesome view over the city thanks to the equally awesome Raymond.

The Chateau Frontenac in all of it's glory in front of a perfect blue sky.

English scout spying on the French settlement across St. Lawrence river.

Batisse, friend of David and former Husband of Madame Marois. 

Batisse's minder in a fancy red uniform.

The French discussing war. I am not kidding.

The battle of the fields of Abraham.

Cool ship

Cool ship 2

Not quite sure.

Lovely drum major baton


A godly shabraque

We <3 dem Belltop Tshakos!

The 22'nd regiment is a formation entirely composed of Franco-Canadiens, and they look rather posh in her majesties red uniform. 

Frenchies doing what must be done.

Wonderful ceremonial drum

Manly hat

Collar belt and buttons


Wonderful sword

The reinforced powder-magazin

Facings of the French army

You can read anything if you can read this Daniel-san.

Most awesome little gun ever. I just love it.

More of this elusive beauty.

!German Guns waiting to be liberated!

Lovely cannons waiting to smash incoming 'Mericans.

Very happy German.

The Chateau at night.


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